Homemade food for babies - FAQs

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Healthier tummies happier babies – that’s what we believe in because that’s what we have experienced ourselves. Our son was about a year old when we started working on Happibo and almost every day, he would get to taste something new, something exotic. We saw a marked change in his emotional well-being. We truly believe that when the tummy gets healthy food, it results in happier babies. Hence, happi-bo! ‘Bo’ is just a short and cute callout for a baby, in case you’re still wondering!

Created by parents just like you, Happibo offers your child purely fruit and vegetable based meals and snacks that come in age appropriate textures. Your child’s eating habit in these early years is what defines his/her eating habit later in life. We want our kids to develop a natural appetite for healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s easier said than done. And this is where Happibo comes in.
Children deserve healthy food, not junk food. They need food that goes much beyond than filling their tummy. They deserve clean food that allows them to taste and appreciate a variety of healthy, natural ingredients.
Happibo does not have any harmful chemicals, no added sugar or salt, no added colour – basically, it has nothing that would concern a parent.

Simple – Happibo is real food. Your little one will taste real ingredients, smell real food, and, in the process, develop a natural likening for fruits and vegetables. When babies eat a Happibo spinach soup, they experience spinach and they get all the nutrients too! They recognize the colour, the taste, the smell. So it’s more likely they will want it again, leading to a healthier appetite.
Powdered foods, though nutritious as per the baby’s requirement, are often loaded with sugars and their nutrients are almost always derived from chemical sources rather than natural ones. Most of them are sweet – which means that’s all the baby can taste. Developing a palette for vegetables and fruits becomes difficult. Also, they do not come with age appropriate textures necessary for the development of a growing child.

A baby’s gum goes through various stages of development and depending on which stage the baby is at, the texture of the food needs to change as well. For example, a baby who has just started eating solids cannot really chew anything, but a 10-month-old whose gums are hardening needs something he/she can feel between her gums. Happibo comes in a variety of textures ranging from smooth purees to coarse mixtures to chunky food.

No, none of our products has added sugar. The only sweetness in our products is from fruits or vegetables used in the recipe. We all know that sugar is harmful for younger children and avoiding exposure to sugar for as long as possible has many benefits. Sugar is naturally present in all fruits so they are a better and healthy alternative to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.

Nope! Just like we don’t add any sugar, we also stay far away from salt. As per the World Health Organization guidelines, a baby’s daily salt requirement is less than 1g (0.4g of sodium) and this is mostly met by breast milk or formula or the various vegetables the baby eats throughout the day. So any extra salt is a burden on the tiny kidneys which will not be able to function properly.
In India, sometimes salt is given from an early age. Given this diversity of opinion on salt, we decided to simply stay neutral – no added salt. If you feel the need to add a dash of salt to the meals, you can always do so.

Normally, gluten is present in wheat and other cereals. Similarly, milk and other dairy products contain lactose. Most of our products do not contain wheat or dairy-based ingredients.
Our labels are 100% transparent and we list all of our ingredients. We request you to go through the ingredients list before feeding our products to your baby. If you still have doubts, we recommend you consult your paediatrician.

Shelf-life is a simple function of controlling any organic activity in food. When we cook food at home and leave it out for a few hours, it spoils. From a scientific perspective, food spoilage can be controlled in one of three ways. You can freeze it, like storing food in our refrigerators at home. You can create an environment by infusing oil, preservatives or chemicals which would restrict any organic activity. Or you can simply neutralize all possible sources of the organic activity.
We adopt the third option. We didn’t invent it – it’s been around for ages but is often not used because infusing chemicals or sugar is much more cost effective. And it’s difficult to master this process if you want to retain the taste in the food.

What really happens is, we cook the food the way a mother does in her kitchen, and then we fill it in special FDA-approved pots and seal all the goodness inside with special FDA-approved film. This way, we block off all the external air from the product inside. This sealed pack then goes in the sterilizer which takes it through a slightly higher temperature, very much like in your home cooking, but a much higher pressure which neutralizes all the bacteria present inside the food. So at the end of it, you get a pack of food that has no environmental exposure and no organisms left active within the food.

The sealed product can be stored for up to three months without refrigeration. Once you open the pack, it starts behaving like normal home-cooked food and thus, should be used how you would use home-cooked food – you can keep the opened pack for up to two days in your refrigerator.

Each Happibo pot is a single serving portion size. So ideally, once you open it, finish it as soon as possible. But if the child doesn’t want to eat it all right away, you can store the leftover meal in the refrigerator for around 48 hours. Anything longer than that and we strongly advise you to not use the product. If it doesn’t smell right, please don’t use it.

If you see that your baby’s food pot is puffed, then please discard it. Also, when you open the pot and you smell something spoilt, please discard the pot and write to us immediately at hello@happibo.com

Glass pots have their obvious appeal, but we chose plastic over glass due to two major
concerns: Safety: Glass poses a major risk of breakage. Given logistic conditions in India and the fact that we are working for children, it was too big a risk to even consider.
Environmental impact: Plastic pots leave a smaller carbon footprint than glass pots. Plastic uses less energy than glass to be recycled. It is also lighter which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.

The plastic pots we use are especially made to withstand higher temperature and pressure. These pots are BPA free and approved by US FDA for baby food storage and for stability in the microwave.

Sorry, not as of now. As a startup, we are still taking baby steps and currently, we deliver only within Bangalore. However, you can always write to us with your query at hello@ happibo.com so we know where we should expand next!

Currently, that’s the only payment option we offer. As parents ourselves, we know how short you are on time. So to keep things simple, we do only cash on delivery. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email and details of delivery.

We are working hard to develop new products for your little ones. Get in touch with us on email or follow us on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to hear your ideas and your feedback will be immensely helpful!